The 59th Street Bridge is where it’s at.

More years ago than I’ll admit here, a friend in college ‘gave’ me The 59th Street Bridge Song as a musical theme. Initially, I found that a bit insulting and bossy, but as I’ve grown older (debatably wiser but definitely not less frenetic), it is appreciated and understood.

Slow it down. You move too fast. You got to make the good times last.

So, why a blog? And what’s with the name?

Well, I’m a writer by training. In college, I had the good fortune to publish a masters thesis under the guidance of ‘sister friends‘ Dr. Dolly McPherson and Dr. Maya Angelou. One is a name you know, the other you may not.

Trust me in the promise that both were equally responsible for teaching me how to push the bar farther and work my ass off to reach and exceed it.

These women taught me to learn, to write and to observe. So, as blogging has turned into this big ‘thing’ that writers do, I am finally giving in and adding another voice to the babel.

As for the name, those are the topics of this little experiment. MEW pretty much summarizes the categorial hat rack that I am.

M is for MOM 


W is for WIFE 

RUN is the word that best describes my nature. (Reference the Simon and Garfunkel ditty above.)

Yes, I run. I love to run. I love to run alone, with friends, with my family, with my dogs, on the road, on the trail, even on the treadmill. I run proudly for Oiselle. I’m no pro, no super speedster, but I do my best every time I go out because I don’t believe we should ever cheat ourselves.

I was an oboist for years, and realized that as soon as you start taking something you love too seriously, it can lose its sparkle. So, I run the best I can, but never to the point that my performance affects my enjoyment of the experience. That would just be sad.

The verb “run” also describes my role as a mom, entrepreneur and wife. All you working, volunteering, hubby-loving moms out there know what I’m talking about. Good news is that I am kind of bossy by nature. I am a *GSD kind of gal, and if I stop moving for too long, I fall asleep.

*Not familiar with GSD? It stands for Get Shit Done, of course.


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