Gear Review: Oiselle Stride Shorts

Wish I could say that's me...

As a newly minted Oiselle Running Ambassador, I received a goodie bag that I can only describe as an orange bag of runner Christmas. In it came my singlet (a muscle tee/tank style top that has the magic power of immediately making you fast…or feel fast, anyway), some fun and very useful arm warmers, an Oiselle tee (in orange, my fave shade) and a couple of pairs of running shorts.

One was this one, the Stride Running Short. This morning, I was set for an 11 mile tempo run, and thought it would be the ideal scenario for a gear test. And so, the report.



First reaction from the husband was something like:

Hey cute shorty short girl.

(Something like that – it was early.) Anyway, they apparently look good enough that he noticed. That’s a plus on two levels – one, it means they are flattering to the boo-tay and two, they distracted him from my early morning running hairstyle, which involved every hair standing straight up at attention. (Wish all of me was that awake.)


The shorts are low rise, have a 4″ inseam and – this is important – don’t rise up. Seriously. I averaged between 7:00 and 7:30 for 11 miles and not once did I have to yank them in any direction.

They are described as Compression shorts, and have a feel similar to a good pair of running tights. Certainly not super-compression, but fitted enough to lay flat and stay in place.


If I could make one suggestion, it would be to put some sort of small flap pocket in the back waistband. I like to have a little place to stash gum, a kleenex, a key, etc… and there is no place to hide anything in these babies. These shorts are as close to running in my skivvies as I have, and I must admit, I love it.

The shorts scream “work it! own it!”

You have to earn the right to this spandex, and they’re cute and comfortable enough to make you want to do just that. My new racing shorts? Indeed. With some apologies to the folks behind me.


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