I try to keep my blog posts from being overly personal, but I have a funny story to share. If you hike, run, walk, garden…whatever outside, you know there are a few inherent risks involved. This past week, I encountered two of them.

Most days, I get up early to run or train before the family is awake. Last Thursday, I got up early to work before rousing the kids because I was going to enjoy a sunny, 50 degree tempo run after putting them on the bus. Heaven. I am running the Publix Half Marathon this coming weekend, and have been training hard to improve speed and stamina in preparation for trying for a PR. (It’s a tough, hilly, crowded course.) So the thought of a mid-morning, sunshine-filled, early Spring run was like someone offering me a calorie-free salted caramel torte. Too good to be true.


  1. Step one. Fuel up – banana with PB, a little coffee and some water with about an hour to digest. (check.)
  2. Step two. Kids up, dressed, fed, smooched, sent to school. (check.)
  3. Step three. Gear up. Fave hat (check.), comfortable clothes (check.), Nike pedometer and iPod (check.), Oiselle arm warmers (check.)

Hi ho, hi ho, it’s off to run I go. With no work to do, nothing in my shoe….hi ho, hi ho…and then I swallowed a bug.

Clarification, I got a bug in my mouth. Not fully swallowed, so I decided to try to spit it out. Bad idea. I’m not a talented spitter. The bug stayed put and I ended up with drool on my left arm and thigh. (seriously?) So gross. I’m glad nobody noticed.

I was only a mile into my 10 mile run, so I figured I’d better just suck it up (literally) and keep going. Protein! At mile 2, I felt something damp on my right arm. (Thank goodness for my Oiselle arm warmers!) I couldn’t imagine how I’d managed to get drool on both arms.

I didn’t. It wasn’t drool. It was bird doo.

My brother postulated that the bird was angry at me for eating its breakfast. Even still, that was a low blow. But I’m tough. I’m doing a beautiful, early springtime, mid-morning tempo run, darnit! So I reminded myself not to wipe my sweaty face with my right arm, and kept going.

Through what would prove to be the longest, slowest, crappiest (literally) tempo run of my life, I had people honk at me, had music I didn’t like somehow show up on my iPod, and had my left hip start to fuss. It was one of those runs that can take a runner out. This wasn’t what I signed up for. This wasn’t fun.

So I took a couple days off. Rested the hip, hid from the birds, did lots of yoga (ahhhh) and JUMPED! And this morning, I got up early, leashed Runner Pup Roo, and headed out for a lovely sunrise trot. It wasn’t fast, but it was kind. Birds and drool be damned, I run again. Derailed? I think not.

My orange Oiselle tee says "Go Fast. Take Chances." I took chances and lost (that time). Tough girls just jump on.


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