Luck ‘o the Irish

I’m not Irish. Well, maybe I’m a little Irish…when you’re a born-Catholic Euro-mutt it’s entirely possible that there’s some Irish in there…and I certainly enjoy swearing and drinking enough to live up to stereotypes.


Last weekend, I was reminded of how lucky I am. Thought it would maybe give you the inspiration to find your lucky in the little things too.

The scene. My in-laws live in Chicago – like IN Chicago. Walking distance to the lake. It’s beyond awesome. (Lordy, all I want to do is run along those sidewalks from beach to beach.) Every year, they give our kids each a birthday gift trip to visit them. Typically, I take my daughter (we do stuff like American Girl, of course) and my husband takes my son (they don’t do stuff like American Girl). This year, it worked out better to go as a foursome, and if I had to guess, that will become modus operandi.

Upside was the kids got to experience this amazing city together (they are best buddies, so that made things even more fun for them) and downside (upside?) was that there wasn’t enough room in Grandma and Grandpa’s high rise to sleep four. The hubby and I had to leave the kids and stay at a hotel. Bummer. (She says, knowing you can read sarcasm.)

You know how sometimes, getting out of your routine can open your eyes to the things you normally take for granted? This was one of those times. We are lucky, lucky, lucky…and so are you, in your own ways. For us…

  • Lucky: We have two full sets of grandparents, all of whom are amazing, fun, loving and wonderful.
  • Lucky: My son and daughter are best buddies. I’m not kidding. (Actually, I don’t forget how lucky I am in this. It’s a blessing, to be sure.)
  • Lucky: Said grandparents live in awesome places to visit.
  • Lucky: The hubby (my best buddy) is fun, generous, thoughtful and really good at doing things like finding an awesome hotel for an unexpected weekend ‘away’.
  • Lucky: Chicago has unbelievable restaurants, and we are full-on, unapologetic foodies. Bring it on, Grant Achatz.
  • Lucky: We like to run! Together! And we are fit and healthy enough to do it. We got to run the Shamrock Shuffle 8K together, seeing Chicago from the street, excited by a bluebird day and a party atmosphere. Even the kids and grandparents came out to cheer and enjoy the environment.

Call it the Luck ‘o’ the Irish, or simply an attitude of gratitude…realizing all the simple things in our lives to be thankful for makes every day seem like a party.


 And you? Where’s your luck? What are you thankful for?


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