Flash Power

Flash power. Flash Mobs are popular because they take us by surprise (flash) and assault the senses with their in-your-face nature (mob). Whether that inspires a flight response or a desire to join in says much about your personality. (FWIW, you would have to hold me back from donning some lame’ and breaking it down.)

Flash Mobs have power because they are instant and unified. Have you ever heard of a Flash Prayer? Less planned than a mob, they, too, are powerful because they are instant. A Flash Prayer is a quick word of praise, thanksgiving, petition or anything else you are inspired to talk to God about – at the moment you think of it. It doesn’t matter what religious affiliation you claim. If you believe in God, and know that He is always listening, you can say a word to Him anytime, anywhere and about anything. Through this kind of instant response to our lives, we can blanket the world in prayer.

Often, my kids and I will say a Flash Prayer when we see an emergency vehicle – a simple 30 second “God, please hold those people in Your hand.” We like to hope that if the three of us are doing it, maybe others out in their cars are too, and that would mean that the people in the midst of that emergency are being bolstered by prayer. It’s so simple. And, ironically, it makes the one praying feel better as well.

On Friday, my uncle turned 70. For his birthday, he got a massive heart attack, followed by open heart bypass surgery yesterday. Obviously, I’m a faithful person, and call myself very blessed and lucky to have a strong community of friends and family who also live powerfully faithful lives. Those friends prayed for my uncle, as well as my aunt and cousins, and the doctors performing this frightening surgery.

We couldn’t be at the hospital, but we could do this.

And throughout the days between the heart attack and the surgery, there were many Flash Prayers. I live hours from this side of my family, and it made me feel as if I was doing what I could to support them in this time of crisis. I know that our extended family and many of our friends were saying quick prayers for him too. The surgery was a success. Flash prayer is powerful in its instantaneous, reverberative simplicity. Seriously, can’t touch this.


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