Friday Running Fun

WOman, it has been a good week (of running!) The weather in Atlanta has gone all “Colorado” on us – cool, crisp mornings have dominated, the nights have been cool and good for sleeping, and my son has even wanted to get up and join me for a few miles before school.

I’m working on a really fun project that is all about celebrating the run. (Can’t tell you more, but if it goes, you’ll hear lots!)

And yesterday, I did this kickass workout I read about on Competitor – it’s like Yassos for the extra hardcore. (Please, all of you who ran track in your early years, don’t laugh at me. I was a dancer, not a runner – this is all new to me and I’m so excited!) It went like this –

  1. 2 mi easy pace (about 8:00m/mi)
  2. 1 mi 5K tempo pace (about 6:40 m/mi – that was a push for me!)
  3. 1 mi easy pace
  4. 3/4 mi 5K tempo pace
  5. 1/2 mi easy pace
  6. 1/2 mi 5K tempo pace
  7. 1/4 mi easy pace
  8. 1/4 mi 5K tempo pace
  9. 1 mi cool down easy pace

It was awwwwesome. Tough but not too tough, definitely efficient and results oriented. And, my foot is feeling better (yay for whatever that pain killing cream is that the Sports Ortho gave me…I’m tempted to put it everywhere) and even though the hip is still nagging, it’s not stopping me. I’m apparently only whimpering about it at night in my sleep…so it doesn’t bother anybody except my husband.

The combination of great weather, a pain-free stride and the pre-Mother’s Day love I’m already getting from my most wonderful family  makes me a little giddy.

Add to all of that fun, here’s something for you!

I am fortunate to be a run ambassador for Oiselle, the most wonderful women’s apparel company on the planet, hands down. (Seriously, anybody that can make my hands warm when I run and my butt look good in spandex has a special place in my heart.) They are doing this really, really fun contest – the Totally Trials Contest – that could win you the best runner girls’ trip evah.

Olympic Trials, Baby! Check it out below and click on the big picture to find more info! Have fun. Run Happy.

And if you’re a mom, rock on, momma. Hope your peeps treat you well.


One thought on “Friday Running Fun

  1. I love the sound of that workout–not easy at all! Will have to use it sometime soon.

    Maryland has been pretty cool this week, too. I’d actually like to get some warmer weather going regularly to get acclimated!

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