Race Report: Training Backwards

As promised…(drumroll) a new blog post. Can’t hardly believe it myself. Things have been a bit off the norm, limiting my writing time. But I’m just in from a surprisingly cool lovely morning run, everybody is still asleep and I have two sips of coffee in the system to clear away the cobwebs, so here goes!

First off, a tangent. I hope all of you who have reason to celebrate Father’s Day had a wonderful one.

Hubster’s choice of Father’s Day activities makes me realize how perfectly paired we are. Woke up with our oldest, dearest college friends in the house (they’d spent the night after a late Saturday evening of brisket, wine and cobbler on the back patio). Had a nice breakfast with the kiddos, who were tickled to give their dad a new pair of trail running shoes and a reservation to a hiking lodge. Strapped the bikes onto the back of Adventure Car (that’s what we named my Subaru Outback…oh how we love that car) and hit the beautiful Georgia Greenway for an 8 mile family bike ride. Came home, grabbed lunch, tossed the towels into the basket of my bike and zipped to the neighborhood pool to hang out until dinner. Because any dinner including fish makes my kids cry, we decided they could have ‘Bunkbed Drive-in’ (we load a movie on the ipad and hook it to the bunk bed) and we had this. Yum. Not a bad Father’s (or Mother’s!) Day. Hope yours was equally wonderful.

Now onto the race report. Saturday was the Run Zulu 5K – my first 5K in three years. Interestingly, it was about three years that I started running half marathons…coincidence? Not likely. The focus on the last three years has been on adding distance and dropping my per/mile from the 9:30 where I started to the 7:40ish that I’m at now. It’s been lots of plyo, Yassos, and LSD’s…not ladders, 200’s and pickups. But that’s what I did over the last month or so to train for this 5K.

It was like training backwards – instead of longer miles, I was running more days per week, shorter miles. Instead of extended periods of tempo, it was sprints, fartleks – all those fun short twitch muscle exercises.

My goal was 7:00 p/mi for at finish at around 21:00 for the 3.1 mile route. I should have known when I was doing tempo runs at 22:00 that my goal was perhaps a smidge unreasonable, but as all of you who race know, adrenaline can do crazy things. So, I was hopeful.

Alas, 21:00 was not to be. Mile 2 was a hill. Not ‘there was a hill on mile 2’. No. Mile 2 was a hill. So that slowed things down a little. But I’m not one for excuses. Fact was (is) I’m not at 7:00 p/mi yet. (YET.) I ran a 22:24, which I was okay with but not terribly thrilled. But I like having a brass ring still hanging out there, and there’s a neighborhood 5K coming up in a couple of weeks…

Proud to run for Oiselle, and excited to finish with a Bobblehead trophy. In my signature Frogtown hat (it probably can run on its own).

Still, it was enough to earn 1’s in my AG and 3d female overall. I got a girl runner bobblehead – how fun is that? My daughter loves it so she got that and my son got the shirt – crazy that we’re the same size. And I got a fun morning, a big smile and a new goal.


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