38 Special

No, this isn’t a blog post about a revolver. Nor a band. This post has been cogitating for a few weeks, and it’s about birthdays, generations and transitions.

I turned 38 on June 10. On June 9, my son turned 10. I think that it was this hitting-of-the-double-digits parent status that made me think…and realize that 38 is my 40.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m in no rush to age (I mean, really, who is?) Although being the youngster in a race AG again will be nice…

Anyhoo…these concurrent 10/38 birthdays made me think – my “_8” years have been so much more transitional and life-changing than my “_0” years, and that perhaps those “_0” years are a bit arbitrary. Check it out:

  • Age 18 – Left for college…met the best guy in the world, studied and worked, went to grad school, married said wonderful guy, saw wonderful husband through scary cancer, traveled widely, started a challenging career in PR…
  • Age 28 – Held my newborn son for the first time on my 28th birthday (he’d been born the day before, but was in NICU), left my challenging career in PR for a new challenging career as a mom, had a daughter, launched a thriving MOPS chapter, worked at the church, volunteered in the school, found my racing legs, started running for Oiselle, supported my husband as he built his business, and became a entrepreneur through the launch and growth of kigo footwear…
  • Age 38 – My son is 10. So, that should be enough… yet, it is at this point that I become the head of my kids’ elementary PTA, start actually racing at the top of my AG/gender ranks (on those sparkling ‘good run’ days), see my husband into what appears to be the most potential yet for his company, and face a major career transition for myself. (More on that later in (Un)Making of an Entrepreneur.)

Each 10 year span has brought so much fulfillment and challenge, and the transitions have happened on the “_8’s.”

To an extent, I have a sense what the next 10 years will bring – and it’s mind-boggling.

Grow and go. Our family on the trail.

My kids will go to college – in fact, they may be already well into that phase where they study, meet their spouse and find their career. My husband and I will have more opportunities to travel, volunteer and really do life with our kids, and then we’ll be empty nesters learning to simply be married again (I have faith in the “Grow and Go” method of parenting).

What I don’t know is everything else. But there is such potential in that unknown piece. Looking at life in these personal decade pieces makes me realized how full and blessed my life has been so far. I think I’ve decided that this will be my decade of big things. Why not aim for fame and fortune? Who knows what will happen…so I’m calling this decade the 38 Special, and that’s what it’ll be. And 40? Pshaw.

We laugh. It’s all good.


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