The Fabric of America

We’re awash in patriotism. Spending the past week watching the trials (go Oiselle fasties!) and now celebrating the July 4th holiday with an activity-filled day makes it clear that America is a place where the potential for human triumph is alive and well.

We started our day with 60K of our closest running buddies in the Peachtree Road Race. You read that right. It’s the largest 10K in the world, I’m told. Something to behold – or to run! – you can be sure. Today we will celebrate community, humanity, glory and industry through races, swimming, fireworks, and most importantly, family and friends. None of this is tied to the name or party affiliation of our leadership, though we can thank them for their service.

It is, at its most basic, the fabric of our country.

It matters not what color, gender, class, region or even age you are. If you are an American, if you have family and friends, and if you can grab hold of the potential to strive and achieve, then you have much to celebrate today.

Happy 4th of July! 


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