Madonna Says it Best

Out for a quick run this morning, I had the ipod pumping (no judgements, please – I love music) and Madonna came into the playlist with that paean of dance and joy, Vogue. Every girl of a certain age – ahem – did some serious grooving to that song. Something about hearing it in the headphones this morning made me realize something. Trivial as a pop song may be, Vogue calls women out for what we are – capable, connected and joyous in our efforts.

Madonna, the original pop star ‘it’ girl, says it best. Remember?

Words of wisdom for all of us who strive to run like dancers, work like we own the joint, parent like we know everything of importance. Indeed. Some highlights…

When all else fails and you long to be / Something better than you are today…
Let your body go with the flow (go with the flow) / You know you can do it…
You’re a superstar, yes, that’s what you are, you know it…
Ladies with an attitude / Fellows that were in the mood / Don’t just stand there, let’s get to it / Strike a pose, there’s nothing to it…

I realize that by sharing this, I risk that my dear readers are now chuckling and judging me as shallow and dingy. I can live with that. I found sunrise inspiration through Madonna this morning. I hope you find a moment to revel in your wonderful today somewhere too.

Ladies, Vogue.


2 thoughts on “Madonna Says it Best

  1. LOVE that song! I do remember dancing to it. (Showing my age) I never really thought of it as a running song before. As I read this, I was mentally making a note to add it to my list. I am also in need of music when I run, it helps me get in that zone we all need to find the right pace and mood to run.

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