Summer School

My kids went back to school today. Feels like yesterday they got out for the summer. And with the hot Atlanta August weather, it seems a bit like I’ve just sent them to camp. (I can only hope that they have as much fun at school as they did at camp this summer.)

While it was a very fast 10 weeks, it was filled with growth and wonder. My son hit double digits and is firmly convinced he is a pre-teen and thus entitled (oh, how I despise that word) to things like sleeping in, freedom of technology use and a wider range to roam. Some he’ll get, others not so much. We all got to witness his passion for service to others, though his week of local mission work. It truly was answered prayer – not just for people he helped to serve, but to my husband and I who, like most parents, strive to grow kind, compassionate and self-sufficient adults (not just nice kids). My daughter, who is seven, is a joy to everyone around her, and exercised her service in our home as my little helper. She filled our house with singing and laughter, and I am excited to get that back in a couple of hours.

It has been a few weeks of intense work as well, with my husband becoming sole owner of his business, and my own companyĀ continuing to work through a major pivot period. Add to it my transition into the role of PTA president for my children’s school, a role that I will relish as an opportunity to work in a non-profit environment, learning that type of business, and leading an incredible team of well-educated, dedicated parents who are endlessly dedicated to their kids’ academic success – it’s truly a gift to be raising kids in such a strong community.

The travel was amazing. And the running was great. With no races on the calendar as of April, I managed to race four times, and actually place in three of the events. What a surprising, fun race season. Add to it, running provided a connection point with a dear family member who I had lost touch with but who has started running. She was like a sister in my childhood, and as we’ve built our families, we grew apart. A series of early morning runs gave us back the foundation for a dear friendship, and I am so thankful for those early 5:30am hours with her.

Summer is always good. This one was great. Filled with harmony, changes and successes, challenges and sadnesses (we learned that we’re losing our beloved 14 year old dog to cancer), and many laughs, we know we were gifted indeed. And as a work-at-home mom, it was the picture of balance. I was able to get so much accomplished, while still enjoying having my children home. With so many working mom friends, I recognize how rare and special that is, and it is this balance that I will strive to take into my own school year to come.

And you? What did you learn in summer school? How will you take it into the months ahead?



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