Ball Dropping

“Mom, I’m multitasking!” Said my seven year old daughter as she walked while eating froyo. Hmm. If she thinks that’s multitasking, what the hell does she think I do? (And is she ready for the inevitable?)

Multitasking is ironing in the kitchen while helping the kids with homework in the late afternoon. Multitasking is returning work calls in the carpool line. It’s walking the dog at sunrise while making the day’s to do list. It’s a glass of wine on the couch while you clear out your inbox from the day.

I’m afraid I’ve moved past multitasking lately into something altogether different. Something more like this.

Don’t you wish you could juggle like this? Maybe you can. Good for you!

My guess is that this chick is a working mom. I’m not complaining. Juggling is fun, especially when you’ve chosen which items to toss into the air. But damn, don’t you just want to set things down occasionally and shake out your arms? (Or set stuff down in order to drink wine without answering emails?)

When you find yourself juggling, is the stuff on the floor the really reliable stuff – like friendships and marriage – that you know will sit patiently until you can toss it back into orbit? Is it the stuff that nobody controls but you (like a blog, ahem.) Or is is the stuff you are happy to ignore because you don’t really want to do it in the first place? How we answer that question says something about our priorities and inability to stand up to the pressure of the to do list… and I think it means I’m a weenie. At some point soon, I’m going to have to apologize to my husband (though, thank goodness, he’s a juggler too!)

And you moms who run with a group of friends – you know that’s as much a chance for girl time as it is a workout – you know I’m right on this. Thank goodness for that.

So the question for you is…do you juggle because you’d get bored just doing the same thing day after day? Do you juggle because we’ve succumbed to the pressure of the possible? Or is it something else?

I think that I juggle because deep down, I enjoy being busy (maybe a little less frenzied, but…). I just hope the stuff on the floor is happy to know I’m aware of it and will pull it into the fun as soon as I can.

Froyo while walking. That is multitasking at its finest.



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