Everything else is just exercise.

I shouldn’t say “just.” Exercise is important, fun, etc etc. But there’s nothing quite like a good run to fuel the soul.

Last week, I started testing the leg. Because you, kind reader base, is quite small, I’m presuming you remember my blog-o-whine about a broken fibula of a few weeks ago. After a successful recent visit to the Sports Ortho at which the x-ray showed great healing progress, I started to put it on my calendar that this would be my week back in the saddle. I was advised to pick up new running shoes, which I did – still minimalist and flexible, but just a little more cush. (Seriously, doctor’s orders to go shoe shopping? I’m going to see more of this guy, for sure – grin.) He also advised to take it slow.

And so. Runner Pup (aka Ruthie) and I added a little bit of running last week to our morning walks – a simple pickup from ‘this mailbox to that mailbox’ kind of thing. (She was so excited.) It felt pretty good, but it was short pickups. The questions swirled – had I lost speed, had I lost endurance, would it hurt if I went farther, etc. All I knew was that after almost five weeks of no running – but lots of other great, important exercise – I needed to run if I could.

Running is running. Everything else is just exercise.

Saturday came, it was a cool(ish) Fall morning, and it was almost inevitable. I called a BRF and asked if I could meet her for part of her training run. Two, three miles maybe.

Runners, you can fill in the rest of the story.

At three miles, I turned for home. She and the others were going to keep going a bit farther, but I was already at twice my planned distance. (So much for easing in. Apparently, I have no self control.)

I picked up my pace to see what was comfortable, and was pleasantly surprised. (Yay! Speed!) When I reached the car and the six mile mark, I knew I could keep going. (Yay! Endurance!) Knowing was enough. Post-run yoga was even more joyful than usual, and I think my husband was ready to muzzle me if I didn’t stop talking about how exciting it was to feel the ground moving swiftly under my rather ugly but very comfortable new kicks.

Aaaannnddd…she’s back. (She’s still going to be careful, but is very excited about a couple of races – ahem, runs – in October.)

Recently, my very pregnant sister in law made the comment that as much as she has loved her pregnancy, she is getting antsy because she can’t do yoga. She loves yoga, and does it often and well. At almost 40 weeks pregnant, though, yoga for her consists of sitting down, exercising those unseen ‘girl’ muscles (ladies, you know what I’m talking about). She said that she can walk and do some things, but in comparison to yoga, everything else is just exercise.

What’s your thing? That thing that’s good for your body and soul – running, yoga, pilates, golf, martial arts, etc – that is more than exercise? Take a sec, realize how lucky you are to be able to do that thing. Share it with us!


One thought on “Everything else is just exercise.

  1. You’re speaking my language here! Glad you are back at it and feeling good. Take it nice and easy and stay on the good side of the injury fence!

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