Halloween (Race) Report

Fingers tingling from a lethal combination of skittles and coffee, I write this tardy Halloween race recap. Nah. Kidding about the tingly fingers – and the skittles…I would never raid my kids’ candy stash. Ever! I mean, what kind of a mom would I be?

(This never gets less funny.)

And in the spirit of cute kid stuff…meet my new niece! This is Annie. (All together now, awwwwwww.) She looks just like my brother when he was a baby, so we’re enjoying her cuteness now. Just kidding!! She’s as cute as a button and if genetics do what they typically do, she’ll stay that way. What a tremendous blessing and joy it is to watch your baby brother and his sweet young wife become parents. From what we can tell, they have a great start to their family, and we love getting to support them. And, boy oh, it’s so good to be at the point where you can enjoy someone else’s baby and not physically crave another of your own.

On another note.

Thanks to those who were so helpful in thinking through my race plan and outfit for the Monster Dash Half Marathon that I ran last weekend with friends. I decided to treat this as a fun twist on the normal Saturday Long Run, and just enjoyed the route and costumes of the festive people! No risk of hurting the newly healed leg, no blisters and only one black toenail – and I think that came around to make part of me look gross and freaky for the holiday.

Not surprisingly, the best costumes were worn by the 5k runners – not as many chafe risks – and it was really fun to connect with them about a half mile from the finish. Sort of felt like we ran into and joined some kind of freak parade, but it was a great distraction from those last couple of hills (and my very empty, noisy belly).

(I mean, really. Who puts a half marathon route past a pancake restaurant and a BBQ joint – it was like bacon and sugar heaven. That finish line banana was a huge let down.)

Here’s what our little team ended up looking like:

 I’m the less festive one in the purple run skirt with Halloween stickers all over my tank and my fave Oiselle green arm warmers. You can’t see ’em, but I also had on Halloween striped knee highs (green, white and black to match said arm warmers). While not as festive as Batgirl (who even had all black shoes!) or my cute cupcake buddies, I was sufficiently comfortable. As it turned out, both decisions (costume and pace) worked out beautifully. Thanks for the input!

That’s all for now. I think I need a salad. Say it with me…”I won’t eat my kids’ candy. I won’t eat my kids’ candy.” Very good.

Best wishes to all of you who have been impacted by the storms. You’re in our thoughts and prayers.


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