Good Busy

I’ve been bad. I keep meaning to take a moment to write about the significance of the Every Mother Counts solidarity 5k I did last Sunday – and I will, I will. It wasn’t big – just two of us, actually, and it wasn’t a race but it was great. It deserves more than the five minutes I have at the moment.

Things are so lovely right now, I’m just writing to reflect on that. In the order of importance-to-life…

I ran 14 miles today in perfect, crisp autumn morning weather. It was great and I feel great (except for the slight after effects of too much wine last night, but that’s the next thing…)

Last night, my brilliant, dedicated and immensely wonderful husband was awarded as an Atlanta 40 Under 40 finalist. He won’t brag, so I will. Out of more than 500 entries, he was selected because he’s running a company, giving his time to help on non profit boards, and supporting entrepreneurs in our city. He’s fabulous. (And he looks great in his suit, right?)

We got to go from the special award gala to Aqua Vino at the Georgia Aquarium – a food and wine fundraiser that is – without fail, every year – so much fun. Actually, too much fun. But that’s fun. So, all good.

Our dear friends had a baby boy, named him Andrew and asked me to be his Godmother. So honored. No magic wand, but you know I’ll be praying for that little guy and loving on him every chance I get.

What a week! Good stuff. Thanks for letting me share. Do you like the new blog format? Saw this design and loooved it.

I hear the bus! Have a fab-o weekend! Run somewhere. Drink some good wine. Tell your husband or wife they’re awesome. All is good.


2 thoughts on “Good Busy

  1. I always love to read your posts even though I rarely find enough time to reply! Congrats on your 14-miler and on your hubby’s award! I’m sort of having post-marathon blues, but the road is definitely still calling. 🙂

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