I think I might barf.

I try not to talk about running too much. Sure it gets tiresome for the audience. But had to share.

Look what I just did. Haven’t had this much fear and excitement adrenaline pumping in quite a while. Feeling really brave…and also, I think I might barf.

February 3. Marathon #1. Thank goodness for all of my very supportive runner pals!

February 3. Marathon #1. Thank goodness for all of my very supportive runner pals!

For the past couple of weeks, I’ve been following a pretty aggressive marathon training plan, getting myself acclimated to higher mileage, slower speeds, more calories burned (gosh, I’m hungry) and I figured that once I’d done a few 16-17 milers without major pain, I would give in to very positive peer pressure from some very positively badass running pals and just do it.

Also, did I mention that while I may not be overly brave, I’m kind of cheap? Today was the last day to register before the price increase. Ha!

And so it goes. The girl who vowed she’d never run a marathon (not enough time, hear it can be hard on the body, blah blah blah) is giving in to temptation. One and only? Or, hmmm…if I did well enough…Boston the year I turn 40? Perhaps I’m getting ahead of myself.

Each time I start to get scared, I’ll remind myself that thousands of people run (survive) marathons every year. I know how to train, now I have to know how to be brave and strong. I’m so excited, I think I might barf. (If I wasn’t so darn hungry.)

(A special thanks to my encouragers, KK, Gail, Adrienne & Jill. 🙂


3 thoughts on “I think I might barf.

  1. YAYYYYY!!!!!! I’m so excited for you…and for us! Nothing like a price increase to push you over the edge of the cliff – LOL. You know you are a member of the BAMR already, so a marathon is definitely the next logical step…followed by the 2014 Boston Marathon, of course. 🙂 I’m just itching to run with you so we can talk more. Your speed and stamina will set you up for tremendous success. I’m just so glad to have a marathon buddy and to have an awesome girls’ weekend to look forward to!

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