Following Option A

So, I didn’t want to be one of the many ‘here’s what I did in ’12 and here’s what I’ll resolve to do in ’13’ blog voices, so I’ve held off. (Plus, my kids just went back to school today so it’s finally quiet.) But after much thought, I have a few points and without any ado, here it is.

Guiding Principle.

Guiding Principle.

In retrospect, 2012 was a nice, relatively calm, ‘building’ year. Not that big things didn’t happen. They did, to be sure. As a family, we had a great year. As an individual, I had a decent but sort of ‘one foot in front of the other’ kind of year. I’m itching to do something. You know that feeling… the
“I think I’ll just try to write a book,” or “let’s go skydiving,” or “I’m going to do mission work in Malawi” kind of instinct. That itch can be so productive, or it can be seriously dangerous in a Mid-life Crisis kind of way. I’m opting for option A.

With that in mind, I’ve decided that 2013 is the year of Getting Things Done. Some will be just for me. (Others may not entirely approve or may question my judgement but I’m a grown woman and I know what I want.) If this is to be Lucky (20)13, chances must be taken.

The other day, as we finished a 20 mile training run, I commented that I felt stinky. My wise (and possibly nasal impaired) running partner said, “No, you smell like success.” Love it. When we put ourselves out there and do brave and wonderful things, sometimes we end up stinky, but because we tried, we also smell like success. For that, we can give thanks.

Here are my plans for bravery and joy in 2013. What are yours?

My first marathon adventure. I have pretty much always vowed never to run a marathon (for the usual reasons – not enough time, fear of injury and burnout, fear of failure, blah blah blah). She doth protest too much. I think I’ve always sort of known I’d get the point where I would just decide to drop the hammer and just try. Why not 2013? I’m running happy, I’m 38 and getting faster and stronger instead of wearing down, and if I’m ever gonna do this, I might as well do it now. Or, as the case may be, February 3.  I figure, it’ll either stick or it won’t. Either way, at least now I’ll know.

New career adventures. (I get to help my brilliant and amazing husband build his entrepreneurial accounting empire and it’s such a gift to be entrusted with that task. Plus, it’s really fun to build brands for really awesome people who have really awesome ideas.)

Celebrating hitting middle age w/ my husband…or is 40 the new 20? Whatever. I don’t feel the years and I don’t think he does either, so it’s just an excellent excuse to eat great food and party to celebrate my main man.

Celebrating 15 years of wedded bliss. Not kidding. About the years or the bliss. This guy is seriously the smartest, coolest guy I know and I’m usually kind of baffled by his mutual affection.

New cooking adventures. Last year I learned to sou vide (not sure if that’s technically a verb) and it’s such fun. This year? Pasta making. Perfect timing. I laid down almost 1400 miles in 2012, and I figure that if this whole marathon thing sticks, I should be able to shoot for a decent increase on that number in 2013. Fresh, homemade carbs? Why yes, I think I will, thanks.

The Portal Infuser.

{Aside…I am a horrible photographer, but if you don’t mind edges of thumbs in your food pics, maybe I’ll share a few foodie adventures. Especially once THIS arrives. It’s not a pasta maker but it’s freaking amazing, and will make some incredible infused oil to put on said pasta.}

Even more involvement with my children’s school as the head of the PTA. Every day, I feel ill equipped to handle the massive task of doing the very best for this school and these kids, but it may be one of the most important things on my to do list.

It boils down to focus. Every year at the turn, I vow to streamline and focus. Every year, I fail. But I’m thankful anyway, so I’m learning. I’m going to keep trying. This year, every decision will focus on family, faith, food, fasties and fun. I think it just could make for a #Lucky13.

: : :

Oiselle Team Badge

And speaking of fasties…a hearty CONGRATS to my Oiselle Team family for welcoming the amazing, incredible, inspiring pro runner Lauren Fleshman! She just took the joint up a humongous notch. This is a big bird.

You can see a little about her and about Oiselle. If you don’t yet know them, 2013 is the time. They embrace joy, passion, striving and the success of others. What a grand, rare thing that is.


3 thoughts on “Following Option A

  1. As always, love your writing style and message! But you do *not* have my permission to call yourself or your husband “middle-aged”. 🙂

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