Chicken & Chocolate

What is it, week two of January and already I’m failing at the goal of sharing some of the fun things we’re cooking in the family kitchen? This part of the quickie blog post is the Looking Back at the week piece.

In addition to making pasta with the fun new pasta attachment for my mixer (homemade macaroni with a light alfredo and veggies),  we “Kellered” on Sunday (chicken thighs with olives and lemon). So good. I’m using the leftovers to “Keller” again tonight (Pot pie!). I’m really excited about that because I’m super hungry, and also, I love pot pie. (Who doesn’t? Oh, wait. My kids. Whatever.)

Sidenote Question for my Runner Friends: I have been looking at the clock all morning since finishing my greek yogurt/granola/coffee routine. Tell me, all you crazy marathoners…is it normal not to be overly hungry the day you do a long run but then want to eat your desk, arm and everything else in sight the next day? (I ran 20+ training miles yesterday at tempo and followed it with a yogurt/raspberry/chia smoothie for breakfast, a PB sandwich and strawberries for lunch, trail mix snack and then a late working dinner of a sloppy joe -blech.) Not a crazy amount to eat and that was fine. Today? I can barely focus through the hunger and I just did an hour of yoga.

Anyway, here’s a shot of our yummy Keller Sunday dinner: 

In addition to thinking about food – or maybe the reason I’m thinking about food – is that the countdown is officially ON. Hard to believe that in less than a month, I’m running the Tallahassee Marathon (my first). That means in another week or so, I’ll actually be tapering. Crazy. It’s been such a busy training schedule that it’ll be over before I settle into it. I anticipate that tapering is going to be hard for me. Typically, even for a HM, I will taper for like, maybe a day. I’m bad at being stationary. My performance on marathon day will determine if this is a bucket list check-off, or if this will become a habit until I’m too old for it to be a reasonable thing to do (ahem.) One thing I’m really enjoying is the mechanical feeling of my muscles just working, simply moving. It’s also cool to see miles going up while the pain goes down. The body is an amazing thing.

One thing I’m anxious to figure out is what these longer, more pace-controlled miles will do to my racing. I love speed work so have continued to do some, but not like I would normally. This weekend I am racing a 15K (instant PR! never done that distance!) It’s the Hot Chocolate, It’s the first time in Atlanta, it’s a great (albeit hilly) downtown course and it’s sold out  (which is crazy for a first year race). Thank goodness it’s corralled – but I anticipate it’s still going to be like a giant sugar-crazed stampede. Frankly, all I really want is a comfortable pace, an AG placement and some coffee afterward. (Set those goals high, right?) Regardless of what happens, I’ll be decked in my favorite race day gear, smiling and ready for some sweet fun.

Race report will follow (in case you care)…it’s mostly interesting to see what marathon training does to short distance racing.  So, that concludes the Looking Forward part of the blog. All good things. Chicken and chocolate. And now, lunch.

Next time, I have a question for all you moms and dads out there about keeping your kids committed to things…

Later, gator.


One thought on “Chicken & Chocolate

  1. Love these race photos! It’s funny – in the first one your thumb is out and fingers bent halfway. This is *exactly* the way my hands look in many race shots! I’ve tried doing a “scissor-hands” thing right at the end sometimes, to try to look extra tough, even if I’m not feeling that way. My first 15K was Thanksgiving, and I ran a 1:10:13. I think you can run a 1:03 or better! Just remember to pace yourself for more than a 10K distance. My first mile was 7:30 and I got faster from there, until I came upon a hill at mile 7. Unfortunately, I ran out of steam just a hair too early, and had a tough mile 9 before I sprinted all-out in the final 0.3.

    As for hunger – yes! I get those crazy cravings too. It’s our metabolism trying to play catch-up with the extra calories burned. The calories really are needed to aid recovery and muscle repair from those long runs, so they are good for you (within reason, of course). Feel free to eat more when you need it. Just remember, the party stops as soon as the miles temporarily decline, post-marathon. Wah!

    I sounds like I’m giving advice as some kind of so-called expert, but you are the real deal. I can tell you are feeling the surge, and I say you should ride it all the way to glory. I can’t wait to see how this 15K turns out for you!!

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