The Things We See

One of the best things about choosing an activity that a) gets you outside – especially in the quiet, early morning hours and b) is somewhat solitary, is sometimes you get to see interesting and special things.

Most walkers, hikers, runners and bikers can tell you stories about the things they have seen and experienced. I had one such experience this week, and it was too sweet not to share. This is the first week of “taper” toward the big day on February 3. (I use quotes because I’ve still managed to run two 10-milers this week and at very comfortable, swift paces. Where the taper part comes in is that I’m just running happily, and not really getting too conscientious or technical about it.)

So, there I am, running blissfully in the almost-sunrise frigid morning, music playing and dog on leash, and I look up and in the yard next to me I see…

Bambi and Thumper for real!

There is a white-tailed rabbit, scurrying as fast as its Thumper legs will go, with a baby white tailed deer running close behind. It looked like they were playing chase! So neat. Funny enough, there was a guy walking his dogs coming from the opposite direction, and he commented that they looked like they were trying to run with Runner Pup Roo and me. Perhaps. In fact, I’d kind of like to think so!

Anyway, that’s it. Just a quickie fun story. I hope it’ll inspire you to get out into the world this weekend, somewhere quiet, and observe all it has to show.


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