A little humor with ironic timing.

I’ve had a few things bumping around in my brain for the past few days, and they’re leaving marks, so I’m going to share a few thoughts here. Some are meant to be helpful. Some thoughtful.

Take them or leave them. Actually, take them and please leave one of your own at the bottom.

  1. When you’re cooking, if you cut a clove of garlic in half (long-wise) and take out that little green shoot that sometimes grows inside, your dish won’t taste as ‘bad garlic-y’.
  2. Be humble. Truly humble, not that “I was so amazing that it was humbling” kind of thing. It’s ingenuous and people can see through it. Think about it, don’t you like people who are truly humble?
  3. Be more generous than you need to be. Do something for someone they don’t expect just because the thought crossed your mind.
  4. Be kinder than you need to be. Surprise people with your kindness. It feels really good and often grows new kindnesses.
  5. Be brave. If you aren’t sure you can do something, go and try to do it.
  6. Go on a date occasionally.
  7. Appreciate honestly.
  8. Appreciate and celebrate the accomplishments of others, even if you’re a little envious. (We all get envious – probably more often than we should – but it’s easily canceled out by active celebration of others.)
  9. Every new pregnancy/new baby deserves a celebration, whether it’s your first or the latest in a long list of many.
  10. Know your value and your needs, but don’t be demanding or unreasonably high maintenance. Those are tiresome qualities and appreciative people are so much more fun. (Boy, do I sound like the mom I am…)
  11. What feels like cold when you’re in your normal clothes or just standing around will feel like heaven when you’re running. Brave those first few moments.
  12. Salt baths are like therapy in your bathroom.
  13. Clean sheets rock but they suck to provide.
  14. A second cup of coffee in the morning can actually turn around a difficult morning.
  15. It’s much easier to get frustrated and discouraged than it is to be brave, but it’s way less rewarding in the long term.
  16. There is probably nothing more challenging than discernment, especially when the stakes are high. Take your time. Weigh the scenarios and talk to people who love you enough to be honest sounding boards.
  17. Dogs never complain about their food.

Oh, and also, under the ‘be brave’ (#5) point, I did it again. The sardonic timing of the image at the top? Today, I registered to run my second marathon! In October, I will get to join a flock of my Oiselle sisters running the Chicago Marathon. How funny that I have to go halfway across the US to finally get the chance to run with them, and how wonderful. It’s home to my husband’s family, a city I love love love, and will be a wonderful chance to try to break that 3:30 mark. I seriously can not wait – even for the training!

There. The bumping has stopped. I hope some of it was amusing or helpful. Now you.


3 thoughts on “Pearls

  1. As always, spot on! Thanks for the wise words! Love ya!

    PS. I told you that you wouldn’t do JUST one ;-). I know you’ll rock!

  2. Sometimes all it takes is a good, cleansing cry to make the world seem like a brighter, happier place again.

    I’m pregnant, I cry at a drop of a hat these days. Thankfully I usually feel better afterwards, but it works for non-pregnant women too. 😉

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