So So…Inspiring, Exciting…Def

Oh yes we did.

How it happened is still a little beyond me, but last Friday, Mr. K and I ended up on the guest list for Jermaine Dupri’s VIP Castle Party for the 20th Anniversary of So So Def Records. With the kids happily at friends’ houses for the night, we got dressed up, had an incredible grownup dinner with wine and no whine, stayed at a hip midtown hotel (for about 5 hours, as it turned out) and partied way outside our norm. It was like the coolest episode of Seinfeldian Bizarro ever.

The last time I was up at 3:00am, I think I was nursing a baby. While that was lovely and meaningful, this was way more fun. Da Brat (do you remember her? crazy.) rapped, the DJ (yeah, his name was Big Tigger) was spinning, people were decked out in their hottest duds…and we were dancing like the suburban middle-aged white folk we are.

What a way to finish a crazy/cool/insane week of doing some really fun work.

The themes of last week were teamwork and innovation (two of my favorite things!) Quickie background. My little shoe company is running somewhat on autopilot, so for the past few months, I’ve been helping with marketing and lead generation efforts for Mr. K’s company. (Yes, in fact, we can work together – it’s a pretty amazing result of 20 years of having a good time together, and a testament to our respect for one another.)

Anyway, while I had initially stepped in to help design and launch the brand and communications for their new product, this week was all about getting out into the community. Mr. K was out there much more than I, but when I wasn’t able to be in attendance, I was monitoring and live-tweeting for live Web cast events where he was in attendance. Technology is incredible, no? I was able to listen to seasoned and newbie entrepreneurs speak while making dinner for the kids, and tweeting comments for the company all at the same time. (Juggle, juggle.) Wednesday was a full day of live presentations from startups competing for funding and support. You can read about it here. It was an exciting, grownup, very welcome change of pace. (And would you believe that the kids survived having a sitter at the house after school? Hmmm.)

After witnessing interesting, visionary people do their thing all week, to end it hobnobbing with interesting, artistic people just seemed to make sense. It’s fun to be a grownup. (Although, in our world, being a grownup meant that we finally hit the pillow at 3:30am and had to be up at 7:45am for Mr. K to get to a board meeting and for me to get the kids to morning activities.)

Everybody bounce with me.


2 thoughts on “So So…Inspiring, Exciting…Def

  1. I would love to see the photos of Kenji posing with Da Brat or T Pain. Talk about “must have” Christmas card photos

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