Remember when your parents said that “Nothing good happens after midnight”? That is probably fair – and I’ll definitely recite it to my own kids. (Though in confidence, I recall a party not long ago that was going strong well after the bells chimed.)

Along those lines, I have a theory that some of the most interesting things happen just before sunrise. All of you early risers know what I’m talking about. (Or perhaps you may be some of the sources of interesting things I see on early morning runs.) With that theory, I also think that people who get up before dawn to venture out from under the warmth of the covers do so driven by curiosity… What will the day bring? What is happening already? What can be found before the day begins its chaotic whirl?

Even on mornings when the run isn’t so great (like today – sore feet, slow pace), I’m glad to have gotten up and out. It’s a rare thing to see something like an enormous moon making way for the sunshine, or a quiet rabbit in the grass. It’s a reward for tenacity and drive. (And it’s a nice way to wake up – I often say that I have to get out the door for my run quickly so that I’m engaged in the action before my brain fully wakes up and realizes what I’m doing to my body.) Seeing a bunny, a sunrise or something odd and amusing is much better than an alarm clock for getting the engine revved.

This week, I’m on spring break with my kiddos, visiting the grandparents. We spent a couple of days at the beach and I ran on the sand, and then today ran through an old, quaint (and apparently somewhat wild) segment of Orlando. Here are a few things I’ve seen in three days of pre-dawn time:

  • A little old lady collecting bags of seaweed (art? breakfast salad?)
  • Two funny birds waiting for a sea fisherman to get going with his catches (or get out of the way so they could sample the bait)
  • A giant jellyfish
  • An enormous (and sadly deceased) white pelican
  • Wild roosters
  • Incredible sunrises

Not bad for three days! I don’t normally do this, but I stopped along the way to snap a few shots to share with you here. Enjoy!

What are some of the fun things you’ve seen on your early morning excursions?


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