Looking in my windows

It has been a month since I’ve written. At first, I held off writing because Boston was at the front of my mind, and I figured enough people were writing about that, so instead, I put my writing time into running. I had thought about doing an April race month recap (it was stellar) but that seemed more relevant to me than thoughtful for others, so I held off doing that post. And then, things just got flat out freaky busy.

A friend thought perhaps I'd resorted to graffiti blogging instead of keeping up here.

A friend sent this. He thought perhaps I’d resorted to graffiti blogging instead of keeping up here. Bad blog girl. For shame.

Quick background. In my former life (read: pre-kids), I was a thriving marketing professional who directed a large editorial department for a global PR firm and led the market intelligence efforts for the company. Then came kids, at which point working many, many hours for someone else became a real challenge for this highly functioning multi-tasker and Catholic-guilt-prone devoted mom. I left that job to be in control of my own time. Fat lot of good I am at that (she says with a sardonic chuckle).

The last 10 years have been consumed by raising two amazing little people, an entrepreneurial endeavor that I co-founded and led marketing and sales, an entrepreneurial husband to assist, a job with the church, and lots of volunteer hours at the elementary school. I applied my marketing/sales/writing/research skill set to my own company, learning firsthand about the vital nature of the information that I had so adroitly gathered and analyzed as a young post-grad.

Fast forward to May 2013, at which point, the kids are much less reliant on me (for survival anyway…they always seem to need clean underwear, a snack and a ride someplace) and my company is functioning on cruise control. Starting with a rebranding project for the husband’s thriving company, I have begun to step bit by bit back into my professional life, and the last few weeks have worked on a great research project that included a smorgasbord of primary and secondary research in an industry new to me. I’m such a student at heart and love a good learning curve. This project was interesting on so many levels, and fun to use my brain in that way again – and if I’m being entirely honest, so exciting to be listened to as a valuable source of consult. But boy oh boy, did it rock my world.

To bring this story full circle – we had our house painted last week. It occurred to me as I zipped in and out of the house, to meetings, to and from school, on calls, mowing the lawn, etc etc etc… that there was a group of strangers watching it happen. (Literally, one of the days, looking in my windows as thy painted them. Baseball hat day.) I couldn’t help but wonder if my patchwork days of work, volunteering, meetings, calls, kids, dogs, housework and even the occasional post-bus quickie run seemed nuts or frenetic to them.

Certainly everything is getting done and managed but I admit to feeling a little hectic of late. I try to be like a duck (you know, calm on the surface and paddling like hell under the water) but it occurs to me that the past few weeks anyway, I’ve been splashing a lot.

Funny, we so rarely look into other people’s windows, that it’s hard to know if your existence is more or less hectic than others’. I think that’s probably for the best. Hitch up those big girl panties and get it done; don’t worry about what other people are doing. Right?


Have you ever become aware that you’re being observed? Does it draw your awareness to how you’re functioning? Does it make you wonder if you’re doing as well as the next gal or guy? Hmm. Talk amongst yourselves (or below)…why not? Open those window shades and let us in. 


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