What happened?

A year ago, I wrote a post called 38 Special in recognition of turning 38 and my son turning 10, marking a very defined decade of child rearing, volunteering and transforming a corporate trajectory into an entrepreneurial one. In the post, I noted that my approach to 38 seemed more like most people’s approach to 40 in the sense that it is a turning point. Some 365+ days later, it seems that my turning point needs some grease, but all in all, things have been pretty darn fabulous.

Hindsight is wonderful. It’s always very easy to second guess after the fact.  ~Helen Reddy

Some major highlights… After years of really, really focused work, my role with kigo footwear went into a sort of autopilot mode after we decided not to produce a new line. It has allowed me to do some other really interesting work. I have gotten to support my husband by leading brand and marketing efforts for his rapidly growing and evolving company, AcuityCFO, which brought on an awesome new partner and launched a sub-brand this year. (Whew.) I’ve dusted off my research and messaging chops with some great projects, and I’m looking forward to some other really exciting, challenging projects as I go into this new year.

I ran like a monster this year as part of the Oiselle team. After coming through a small break that sidelined me for about 6 weeks, I came back strong, running my first marathon, qualifying for Boston 2014, and hitting PR’s in every distance from 5K to full marathon. It was lots of focused training, but more importantly, it was finding deep joy in the time and effort.

The elementary school where my kids attend named me PTA president (no groans, please – it’s a really incredible organization with a strong, smart board and incredible staff) and the school was named a National Blue Ribbon School. (That had nothing to do with me.) What encouraging, clear evidence that our kids are getting a really strong educational foundation. And the work leading a 900+ member PTA will surely leave skills that I can use going forward supporting other charitable boards.

We said farewell to our sweet Nellie, our 14 year old border collie-lab rescue sweetheart. I have yet to think about her with a little bit of heartbreak. But Runner Pup Ruthie has stepped up as a funny, playful, really great family dog.

Year 38 was, indeed, special. Most of the really glimmering moments were in the quotidian – as they always are. Hugs from my kids. Sideways looks from my funny, kindhearted, hardworking husband. Heartfelt conversations with dear friends. Time with family. Baptisms of two new beautiful godchildren. Countless sunrises. Victories on soccer fields and in swimming pools. My daughter’s singing voice.  Seeing our children serve others. Laughing at our funny dog.

Here’s to 38 and big things to come.


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