Lost in Transition

Welcome back, me. I’ve neglecting my personal writing for no reason except that other things have demanded my time. I’ve been lost in transition.

See, for the past five or so years, I’ve given my professional time to running the marketing and sales for kigo footwear. That’s been fun, but this summer, the time came to make a change. (I remain a mildly active partner and shareholder in this little company that I take great pride in having launched but the productive hours of my day are now spent elsewhere.)

In July, I decided to return to my roots and get back to doing two things I truly enjoy and had done quite successfully in my early professional years – writing and brand strategy. What began with a project for the husband’s company (you can see the results here) became the catalyst for more projects, and for more companies.

The network began to work its magic and suddenly, I was back in the game. Designing and executing market research and analysis for technology and consumer marketing companies. (Yeah, baby, I’m a nerd like that. Got the right brain and the left brain firing on command.) Creating content for an enormous and wonderful educational foundation. Crafting tightened Web content for architects, consultants and graphic firms. Needless to say, it’s been a whirlwind couple months. I’m optimistic that it’s just the beginning of a new professional phase. And it’s really going to be fun expanding my portfolio when these projects hit the marketplace.

As in any transition, there are moments of uncertainty. As a professional recruiter friend of mine said, it’s not easy to go from ‘kitchen to cube’. While that hasn’t exactly been the case here, I did have to spit polish my wingtip heels. I’ve been a solo entrepreneur for a really long time. Answering to someone and contributing to a team is a change – but a really, really good one. As a contract specialist for branding and marketing agencies, I’m still flexing some well-honed entrepreneurial muscle but the learning curve is totally different, and that is incredibly wonderful.

[For kicks and because I love kids, races and libraries, I also did a stint helping a race management firm build a national half marathon series to raise proceeds to fund libraries in South Africa. More about that later.]

The quote from Anais Nin is perfect in this season of transition. Don’t let anxiety breathe its sour breath on your passion. It will only diminish the shine and warmth you get from striving toward success in something you love.

I’m taking this quote to heart as I go into this weekend as well. During all of this change and adjustment, I’ve also been training harder than I’ve ever trained – honestly, harder than I knew I could – to run the Chicago Marathon. It’ll be my second, and the most special because my wonderful family will be there to share in the awesomeness of it all. Running (as you know if you ever read this silly little blog) is something else I love. Am I scared I won’t do well after all the heart pounding, pre-dawn preparation hours, sweat, Gu, Nuun and foam rolling? Always at least a little.

Will I let anxiety slow me down? Don’t bet on it.

How are you flexing your bravery?


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