Making and Unmaking

Happy New Year!

Not sure I’m allowed to wish this ten days after the turn, but it’s 7pm on a Friday night and I’ve taken a quick break from the new trajectory that began slightly prior to the new year, and has effectively changed my life since.

(Wish I could say that the new year found me partying and I’m just awaking from my stupor but that’s somebody else.)

Some of the exciting things 2014 means.

  • I turn 40!?! (Going to prove that it’s nothing but a number. I guess we’ll see.)
  • April is Boston!
  • March is Albany!
  • (Yeah, two marathons. I might croak before 40. And no, I have nothing to prove. Ha.)
  • The Thomas Keller French Laundry Cookbook. (Good thing for all that marathon training.)
  • Two new baby people in our family – a niece and a yet-to-be-identified. Yay!
  • Middle school for my son. (WTH?)
  • Aaaand, last but most, a new career.

That’s the big one. As of the end of December, I relinquished my role as managing partner of kigo footwear. It still lives on, and it’ll be really great to see the direction it takes under the sole management of one of my former partners. But I am beyond excited to be on to this next phase.

It means going back to my roots, planting them in new soil and making them grow. I kind of thought that after kigo, I would try to get someone to hire me. Be a nine-to-fiver working mom type. (I’ve never tried that gig.)

Interesting how things work out. But then a big ole’ handful of folks hired me, and BOOM, I’m an entrepreneur again. But this time, the word is organic. Every day of kigo was like pushing a boulder up a hill. This time, it’s more like trying to chase it as it rolls. What a glorious blessing and awesomely fun gift. I’m partnering with independents and supporting agencies doing brand strategy, content strategy and creation, and even market intelligence and it is so much fun. To help clients, I have to learn stuff like art reproduction, data center technology, theological education… filling your bean is the best way to spend a day.

And, boy oh boy. There are some seriously smart, creative, awesome people out there.

(But it hasn’t left much time to write these self-centered little ditties… guessing that’s okay.)

Screen Shot 2014-01-10 at 7.27.25 PMShow and tell – the first big project I collaborated on (with the incredibly brilliant and wonderful people of Matchstic) just launched. It’s tremendous. If you want to see it, just click on the logo.

Don’t know that the turn of a year has been so momentous since the one where I finished my graduate degree and got married. Bring. It. On.



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