Who is MEW Runs

What (or who) is mewruns? Why, thank you for asking.

M is for MOM The two sparkling, witty, kindhearted, challenging kids who live in my house make sure I claim this title with heart-bursting pride.

E is for ENTREPRENEUR A few years ago, I mustered the courage to acknowledge my bloodline and go rogue. My dad was an entrepreneur, my husband is an entrepreneur and I, too, am an entrepreneur. In my case, the affliction drove me to co-found kigo footwear, a cool little minimalist shoe company that has my fingerprint on every single element. Some days are exciting, others frustrating. But, hey, that’s entrepreneurialism for you. I love ideas. Even when I worked for a global marketing firm, I was compelled to be an idea girl – an intrapreneur – heck, I can’t even follow a recipe as written.

W is for WIFE Pretty obvious. Not one to be sappy, I mention this because my husband is the source of much of who I am. We’ve been friends for half of our lives, and he pushes me almost as hard as I push myself (only, he’s much nicer about it). He’s sharp, fun, incredibly kind and everything I do with him is way better than anything I do on my own. (Please, no gutter brains, people. You know what I mean.)

RUN is the word that best describes my nature.

Yes, I run. I love to run. I love to run alone, with friends, with my family, with my dogs, on the road, on the trail, even on the treadmill. I run proudly for Oiselle. I’m no pro, no super speedster, but I do my best every time I go out because I don’t believe we should ever cheat ourselves.

More than the obvious, however, “runs” describes my role as a mom, entrepreneur and wife. I run two schedules besides my own. I run a company and three blogs besides, I (co) run a PTA. I run a household. All you moms out there know what I’m talking about. This is the hat rack season…or, because I’m shoe girl, a shoe closet season – we have many iterations of ourselves, thanks to the things we are asked to run.

Since college, this has been something of a theme song. (Maybe not this version, but you get the point.)

Bet there are more than a few of you who can relate.

Slow it down. You move too fast. You got to make the good times last.


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