Race Calendar

List are the 2013 and 2014 races that have been run or have gotten a firm commitment (and my money). There are always ‘on a whim’ races, and those will just have to show up to the start line a little late.

I continue to commit to three full and three half marathons per year, to at least BQ in every marathon, run sub 1:40 half marathons consistently, do a few 10Ks and avoid 5Ks if possible. (I love the track, but find that 5Ks really hurt.) If I can find some trails to race, I’ll toss those in too just for the fun of the mud.

I train in the pre-dawn light of almost every day because it keeps me sane (and hungry), and racing satisfies my sadistic Type A need to push the bar farther and farther out for myself. Running and racing is what I do for me, so if I’m out there, I’m happy. If I hit my goals, all the better. If I win something, well, that’s cause for wings and beer. I’m always looking for a running partner who doesn’t mind that I talk (a lot) when I run, and someone to party with me after we’ve laid it all on the course.

On the Books

January 19 – Hot Chocolate 15K

  • 1:08 finishing time
  • PR at 5K
  • PR at 10K
  • Top 10 finish for AG

February  3 – Tallahassee Marathon

  • 3:31 finishing time
  • First marathon effort
  • Boston Qualified
  • Podium! 2nd Place AG

March 17 – Publix Georgia (Half) Marathon

  • 1:35 finishing time
  • 6 minute PR
  • 8 in AG
  • 34th/4954 women

March 23 – Berry College (BCEMS) Half Marathon

  • This was a NO GO. Huge bummer. We got rained/lightening-ed out. I’m hopeful that they’ll reschedule – this is a beautiful place to run! It has cows!

April 6 – Stingray 5K, New Smyrna Beach, FL (Spring Break Race! Woot!)

  • PODIUM! 1st place female
  • 21:21 – a new 5k race PR (but not a Garmin PR… still trying to break through the 21 minute barrier)

April 9 – Kick Ass Virtual 5K to support Chrons and Colitis

  • Virtual 5K, did it as part of a 10 miler over Spring Break
  • Great run! Saw wild roosters.

April 13 – Roswell 10 Miler to support Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta

  • PODUIM! 1st place AG / 2nd place overall female
  • 1:13 finishing time, meant it was another speed breaker for me – very fun!

April 20 – Sweetwater 420 5K

  • PODIUM again! (This is getting fun.) 1st AG
  • 20:58 – A PR by 2 seconds – the definition of “Squeak”

June 1 – 35th Annual Possum Trot

  • Podium! 2nd AG
  • 10K PR – 43:55 – was trying for sub-44… again “Squeak”
Pre-race, under the flags.

Pre-race, under the flags.

July 4 – Boogies 5 Miler in Aspen, CO

  • Ran with the hubby and had a BLAST!

August 17 – Area 13.1 Half Marathon, Roswell GA

  • Was a 2:00 Pacer and it was so great to help others hit their goals. Definitely committing to being a pacer at least once a year going forward.

October 13 – Chicago Marathon

  • Holy cow.
  • 3:20:08
  • PR by 11 minutes
  • BQ by 25 minutes (thanks to turning 40 in June…)
  • 66 out of 2847 in my AG  and (top 2% AG / top 7% overall – including the boys!)
  • Most. Amazing. Race. Day. Ever.

October 26 Silver Comet Half Marathon

  • 1:36
  • Course PR
  • 1st AG
  • 4th Overall Female


RedNose2014January 4 – Columbus Red Nose Half Marathon

  • 1:35
  • 3d AG
  • Hadn’t really trained. This was COLD. And HARD. But FUN! Met some new friends!

Blue Devils 5K

  • Ran this one for fun, and to support our babysitter, who is a high school track runner there
  • Ran it 10 miles into my 19 mile morning, and managed to cross in 22:09. Way off my PR pace but holy-hill-hell. I took it a little easy because I still had six to go after I crossed the finish line and it still hurt.
  • Anyway, finished 3d overall female and 1st AG so not too bad because it was full of HS track runners!

March 1 – Albany Marathon

  • This was a ‘tester’ marathon to see how things are looking/feeling as we get closer to Boston.
  • Didn’t push too hard, and pulled a 3:26:09 – a 7:49 average pace – and a 4th AG/17th Female
  • Fast pace, fast runners!

March 23 – Publix Half Marathon

  • Not a bad race. Finished in 1:36, 11th (wouldn’t you figure) in my AG – Next year, MASTERS. Watch out.

April 12 – Windermere 5K Among the Lakes

  • Last minute decision to run this on spring break at my parents’ and I managed PODIUM! (They were tickled.)
  • Amazing I cranked it out – haven’t been speed training b/c of the marathon season, it was 75 degrees and the whole damn race was in sand.
  • Really, though, it was so cool – 2nd female overall, right behind a long time friend from high school who I hadn’t seen in years… you can read about her here.

April 21 – Boston Marathon (The big dog)

July 4 – Peachtree Road Race

  • This is a course PR, but not an overall. My sweet friend, Marty, had the best race EVER. So proud of him.
  • 44:42 time / 20th AG

Aug 16 – Back on my Feet Meaningful Miles 4 Miler

  • 1st MASTERS (ouch)
  • Fun race and did well! 27: 18



  • Sept 1 – Big Peach Sizzler 10K
  • October 4 – Atlanta 13.1
  • October 26 – Atlanta 10 Miler
  • November 8 – Savannah Rock & Roll Marathon
  • November 27 – Atlanta Thanksgiving Half Marathon

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